Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro

(Wales/ Knoxville, TN)

7,249 km (give or take) is a long way from the legendary Mississippi Delta for a natch’l bluesman to have been born, but Wales is where Martin Harley’s from, so there. An early fascination with Ry Cooder’s slide-drenched soundtrack to Paris, Texas led him as a young man on a wandering path to become one of the UK’s finest lap slide guitar players – a path that was later cemented when his acoustic 12-string warped in the intense heat while travelling across Australia and he had to convert it to a 6-string lap guitar for it to be playable. Harley’s travels are legendary. In addition tohis "Blues Gone Green” tour – a 27-show, 1,200-mile acoustic tour of the UK by bicycle – and a six-week musical walkabout through Mali, Guinea and Senegal, he has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for playing at the highest gig ever, 6000 m up on Kala Patthar in the Himalayas. While he has a deep education in blues history, Harley takes what Chess Records called “The Real Folk Blues” and mixes it with traditional overtones from his Celtic homeland and a little funk – which doesn’t hurt Harley’s growing popularity with surfers and in the jam band scene.
East Tennesee-based upright bass master Daniel Kimbro rounds out the duo's sound. He enhanced his self-taught style – formed after a solid diet listening to some of the finest roots artists – with a university music degree and has since had a solid career playing with the Lovell Sisters, Jerry Douglas, Casey Driessen and others. Between the two fo them, they bring the blues to the world and the world to the blues: what could be more natch’l than that?

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