Les Hay Babies

(Moncton, NB) 

Not many folk trios perform multiple shows in Europe barely a year after their formation. Heck, few acts who sing in Chiac— the Acadian version of Joual, Quebec's franglais dialect — likely venture far from their own Maritime province. Then again, few three-part folk harmonies are as breezily sweet and well-cultivated as those of Katrine Noël, Vivianne Roy and Julie Aubé. They're the gutsy 20-something Les Hay Babies, born in different small towns in New Brunswick but met in Moncton as solo artists in a battle of the bands. After a second chance meeting where they discovered how one voice melted into the other's they converged into a single force in late 2011. Requests from international venues soon followed. Banjo, guitar, ukelele and the pedal steel turn their beautifully-converged vocals into entrancing indie-folk foot-stompers, filled with lyrical references to the towns and villages of Acadie and tales about the effects of urbanization. It's not all local colour though; the lead track about Bonnie and Clyde has a big beat, heavy bass and drums, echo and some sizzling lead guitar. It's joyous roots music: built in Acadia, made for the world.

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