Gregory Alan Isakov


Gentle and wise, Gregory Alan Isakov’s subtle, slow-building songs have all the marks of having been written by a man who has lived his life on the road. Not in an urgent, can’t-sit-still road warrior kind of way, however. Isakov’s earnestly-strummed guitar-based tunes tell stories from the perspective of an artist who takes his time to quietly study what he encounters as he moves from stop to stop, and then weaves those impressions into lyrically dense songs that the listener needs to approach with the same careful sense of observation and examination with which they were written.
Born in South Africa, raised in the United States, and currently living under the big skies of Colorado, Isakov makes music that is universal enough to move from the folk clubs into the concert halls — most recently he recorded his compositions with the Colorado Symphony, giving his songs an even more expansive feel. But even without the extra brass and strings, Isakov’s voice and guitar create rolling landscapes and long stretches of sublime space punctuated with just the right amount of grandeur to make the journey feel as important as whatever destination Isakov is headed towards.

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