Eilen Jewell

(Boise, ID) 

Eilen Jewell emerged on the folk and roots music scene a decade ago with vivid storytelling, gorgeous song-craft and a melancholic and playfully sultry melodic style; she has one of those rare voices that sounds like it's singing just for you. She's recorded five albums since, among them Butcher Holler, a critically-acclaimed tribute to Loretta Lynn which underscored the roots of her own sound in tough, traditional coal-miner's daughter style country music – and Sea of Tears, which showcased her versatility with hints of '60s surf guitar and an unforgettable cover of the classic “Paint It Black.” Her return to the studio and touring has been four years in the making and eagerly anticipated by her fans, and she didn't disappoint with the spirited Sundown Over Ghost Town – a rich and affecting musical tour of the haunting memories and lost innocence of her home town of Boise. Her lyrics are characterized by evocative grace and compelling imagery, set amidst an aural landscape as open as the expanses under the big Midwestern sky. The more we hear from Jewell, the clearer it becomes that there's virtually nothing she can't set her hand to and pull off with aplomb.

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