Caleb Klauder

(Orcas Island, WA)

Who decided that bluegrass should be so blue? Contemporary country artists are so busy crooning over lost loves, fallow harvests, and trusty old dogs that the hootenannies of yore seem to have all but fallen by the wayside. Caleb Klauder however hasn’t taken this lying down. His dance-hall country hearkens back to the spirit of a Friday night barn dance with wistful songs, warmed with a worn-western aesthetic. His greasy vocal with a good helping of grits add saucy authenticity to his clever songwriting. Head-bobbing double bass rhythms and milky pedal steel melodies produce a tone so genuine you’d swear it came straight out of a Victrola. Klauder’s charming demeanour and fun-loving songs stay hopeful, even when his lyrics dip into familiar, dour country territory. With a smile on his face, Klauder pines about hard times and worn out shoes with the best of them, all without ever pressing tongue to cheek. So grab your honey and head on down, Uncle Caleb has some brought some mighty fine tunes to the table, with all of the fixings.

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