Lord Huron

(Los Angeles, CA) 

Lord Huron's indie-folk sound often gets called theatrical or cinematic. For my money, their albums feel like a battered dimestore novel, with dog-eared page corners and words that leap out like licking flames, keeping you up until 3:30 a.m., vortexing you into its eerily rich atmosphere. On 2012's Lonesome Dreams and last year's Strange Trails, vocalist Ben Schneider guides us through expansive Western narratives, down darkened roads and through hinterlands, chilled by the drifiting snow and frozen pines of the Michigan where he grew up and got to know his band's namesake great lake.
According to Billboard, when Lord Huron's driving, shimmering single Fool for Love popped up on the HBO show Girls earlier this year, it sent so many intrigued viewers to their song-identifying phone apps that it was named most-Shazamed tune of the month. An earworm? More like the sample chapter of a book that will be hard to put down.

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