Jorge Miguel

(Toronto, ON)

When Spanish-Canadian flamenco guitarist and composer Jorge Miguel strums his first chord, you could be forgiven for closing your eyes and believing you were in Andalucia, Spain (the birthplace of both Miguel’s family and flamenco itself). And no one will give you side-eye for choosing just that moment to attempt to dance el baile flamenco because the driving, shifting rhythms (compás) compel you to bend your back, stamp your feet and clap your hands (palmas). Such is the power of Miguel and his flamenco ensemble. Miguel is faithful to the roots of flamenco, which he learned in Spain while training with maestros of the art. He performs with urgency and passion — a style Miguel describes as full-contact, hardcore, take-no-prisoners flamenco. His virtuosity is accentuated by his ensemble, which includes Eliana Cuevas on vocals, Paul Donat on double bass, percussionists Daniel Stone and Luis Orbegoso, and flamenco dancers Ilse Gudino and Catalina Fellay. Emotional, fearless, aggressive and irresistible: Jorge Miguel will take you on a journey and you won’t even need your passport.

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