The East Pointers

(Souris, PEI)

The East Pointers are the proud recipients of this weekend's 2017 Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year. The timelessness, complexity, and visceral energy of the East Cost Celtic musical tradition continues to compel and captivate listeners the world over, and in the case of the East Pointers, the compulsion to play it is as natural as breathing.

Cousins Tim and Koady Chaisson, are from the seventh (!) generation of musicians in their family — a family well known across the East Coast for their commitment to traditional music. They and their friend Jake Charron formed the band as a casual vehicle to do some companionable playing, but their combined talents and palpable chemistry swept the trio to commitment, world touring and a Juno-nominated full-length album, Secret Victory, in 2016.

With the PEI trio’s traditional banjo, fiddle and guitar lineup, audiences will find much that is loved and familiar here. Their sound may be rooted in centuries past, but they update it with a 100% original repertoire, and they sometimes traipse off the traditional path with songs penned by Tim — himself an acclaimed and award-winning solo artist.

Bringing youthful energy and expert musicianship to bear on their deep Celtic roots, The East Pointers represent the latest flowering of that ever-growing, evergreen musical tradition that always causes hearts and glasses to be lifted and sets feet to dancing — as natural as breathing.


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