Son Little

(Philadelphia, PA)

A shapeshifter, a cross-genre musicologist who makes nu-soul, not neo-soul. From sparse plaintive vocals to loud foot-stomping blues, listening to Son Little is like taking a journey through the past, present and future of R&B at once. Aaron Livingston emerged on the music scene over a decade ago, providing guest vocals for Philadelphia area hip hop acts, notably the Roots (“Guns Are Drawn” from The Tipping Point), before joining Icebird and then releasing music under his stage name, Son Little. An actual son of a preacher man, Son Little is a multi-instrumentalist who takes his vintage soul roots, blends hip hop sensibilities and pushes his sound into new territory with the help of electronic beats, digital manipulation of sounds and intricate vocal layering. But underneath the fascinating swirls of music are the core of guitar, bass and drums—rooted to the blues and soul, but not prisoner to them. Sure to be electrifying live.


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