(Boston, MA) 

“Literary minded, baroque folk-pop”—so says NPR of the Boston-based quartet Darlingside. Hard to argue with that as this group, whose members first met in college, offer up lush harmonies in the vein of the Byrds and at times, Simon & Garfunkel, floating over an array of stringed instruments — mandolins, banjos, acoustic guitars and violin. But their sound is not merely a throwback. Lyrically they veer between high minded concepts and the whimsical but always focused on contemporary topics. Live, the foursome huddle around a single microphone at the centre of the stage in the style of many bluegrass acts, and offer intimate performances that have earned raves across North America and Europe. This is music made for a sunny afternoon on the island, seated in the grass, head nodding, foot tapping, smile spreading.


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