AM Static

(Calgary, AB)

AM Static resides midway between the organic and the technological, sculpting their soothing, soul-inflected songs from acoustic instrumentation and digital daydreams. Keyboards, strings, and singer Chris Austman's heartfelt tenor form the core of their sound, but it's the added textures that elevate it — electronic flourishes drifting gently through the mix like transmissions from the spaces between radio stations.

With their carefully calibrated synthesizers, machine-polished melodies and rhythms set for maximum chill, it's no surprise that one half of this duo makes his living as a sound engineer. It takes real effort to make music sound this effortless, but Austman and producer Nils Mikkelsen craft their electronic creations with an artisan's attention to detail, working and reworking each sonic element until it sits just right. The results are infectious, a fusion of futuristic R&B and softly sung pop that earned the pair a 2016 Juno nomination for Electronic Album of the Year for A Life Well Lived. Not bad for their first full-length collaboration, and a clear sign that they've tuned into the right creative frequency.


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