Barney Bentall

(Bowen Island, BC)

Bentall’s story could be the template for all good and hardy Canadian musicians. There was his initial band with a short-lived record deal in 1979, followed by a '60s cover band and his emergence as Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts in Vancouver. Those days, his young family dwelled in a basement suite before the band saved enough to send him groveling to Toronto after parting ways with their high-profile manager. Desperate and missing two front teeth, he found power in a song – this one appropriately (or optimistically) called “Something To Live For.” Its MuchMusic success opened record company exec doors. A record contract and new management deal followed, kick starting a 10-year musical ride before stepping back from music after an unpleasant label departure to run a ranch.

Bentall jumped back into the musical circus in 2007, releasing three solo records. He still plays with the Legendary Hearts, the bluegrass band the High Bar Gang, his solo effort The Bonapartes, a trio with Shari Ulrich and Tom Taylor and a rambling, on-the-edge country and western 12 piece orchestra The Grand Cariboo Opry. The words "legendary" and "heart" define the man behind several classic Canadian rock staples, who’s also able to milk a wild range cow. From his infectious smile to the finger-licking ferocity of his smoking hot guitar, Bentall has earned his working class-cred through hard work and exceptional talent.


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