(Montreal, QC)

Bellflower songs often start out small, with some spare acoustic guitar or a simple piano riff and leader Em Pompa's sweet velvety vocals. But when an eight-piece band is playing, small doesn't last long. The brass moves it somewhere jazzy, even acidly so; the flute gives it an ethereal quality; the synth takes it into prog/space territory. More than songs, a Bellflower set is composed of relatively short odysseys. It's what you get when a group of mostly Université de Montréal jazz students are forged together in a city's indie scene that keeps producing ever-challenging, ever-more-intricate music. The minimal-maximalist aesthetic brings to mind Bjork or Cinematic Orchestra, but at best that's a very approximate geography, because with the next odyssey, Bellflower is sure to completely defy comparisons or labels.


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