Benjamin Longman

(Calgary, AB)

Originally from London (the one in England), and a new Calgarian, Benjamin Longman possesses a pure and yearning tenor voice that is equally effective singing tender and poignant ballads as it is delivering cutting and sardonic observations on the inadequacy of love. True to his homeland’s folk music, Longman is a skilled finger-picker, weaving intricate layered melodies on his acoustic guitar while yearning lyrically for greater connection, musing on entropy, or singing about the comfort of a fully committed relationship. It’s music that hits your heart; lilting folk played with elegantly with deeply felt passion. He is also a member of local band Rosalind, and produced their 2016 debut EP. With a pair of EPs under his belt, The Ghost Months Vol.1 & 2, Longman took a brief hiatus from music earlier in the year. Luckily for us, music is in his bones, and with a full length album due in 2017, he couldn’t stay away long.


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