Carsie Blanton

(New Orleans, LA)

Carsie Blanton is completely, deliciously irresistible. Part lindy-hop chanteuse, part jazz baby, part rockabilly hoyden, part pin-up girl—well, you start to get the idea. Blanton is witty and wicked, smart and sexual, coupling 21st century attitude with vintage fashion and rhythms to consistently provoking effect. Her vocal delivery is reminiscent of Eartha Kitt’s unrepentant ballsy mischief, transgressing boundaries in every direction, and daring you to admit that you love every second of it. Blanton describes her current album So Ferocious as “a playful pop album about ferocity, authenticity, pleasure and liberation.” But make no mistake, all of this sass and attitude comes with some pretty hefty musical bona fides. Accompanying herself on guitar or piano, Blanton has been writing and playing music since age 13, whether the influence was funk, swing dance or folk-pop, and touring more than 100 dates a year for the last ten years. With lyrics like, “I know I’ve got a dirty mind, I consider it a service/This ain’t 1954, what’s the matter do I make you nervous?” or “Your body’s an animal that wants some food and a soft touch, why not let it out to play/I hate to give away the ending, but you’re gonna die someday,” Blanton jams her freak flag in the ground and dares you to come and play.


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