Charlotte Cornfield & The Provincial Archive

(Edmonton, AM / Toronto, ON)

There is an innocent charm in the melodies of The Provincial Archive. Their unfenced tunes are wandering soundscapes flowing down a laneway, sitting beside you at a movie, stumbling up a staircase with a new crush, and dancing towards the dawn. And also never one to build fences, singer, songwriter, and drummer Charlotte Cornfield partners with TPA, adding songs that spill into assorted genres as fluidly as mist overflowing a river.  Her sometimes smoky, sweetly soaring vocals deliver no-nonsense lyrics reflecting journeys both vast and mundane.

Wrapped in sweet banjo phrases, open tinkling piano, mandolin, accordion, and yes, your classic alt-pop synth, TPA takes winking delight in referencing the style of soundtracks and everyday jingles. Add Cornfield, whose songs have appeared internationally in films and TV shows and who is no stranger to musical-risk taking and eclectic lyrical pathways herself, and their music erects adjacent mirrors reflecting both the unexpected and the familiar. This music is a cinema-scape panning from the melancholy to the upbeat, a soundtrack for those days you feel like walking the streets at 3:00 a.m., beer in hand, sulking, celebrating, and living.


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