Forbidden Dimension

(Calgary, AB) 

Like a brain-eating zombie that can’t be taken down, Calgary’s Forbidden Dimension has been spreading darkness across Western Canada for almost 30 years. Led by the gruesomely enigmatic Jackson Phibes, Forbidden D’s horror-rock fixates on the deranged, the dastardly and the downright evil. But don’t mistake the band’s morbid stage gear and spooky personas as pure schlock — Forbidden Dimension has thrived for decades by staking a claim as one of Western Canada’s finest purveyors of garage punk, with healthy doses of ‘70s metal and ‘60s psych-rock thrown in to keep things interesting. Phibes and drummer P.T. Bonham both cut their teeth in legendary Calgary band Colour Me Psycho in the ‘80s, and bass player Virginia Dentata also has a long history in the city’s underground rock scene, so the chops are more than there. The fact that all three are still willing to don their costumes and tear up the stage is testament to how much fun they’re having. And their audiences are still having fun too. As ghoulish as their subject matter may be, a Forbidden D set feels strangely welcoming: this is Calgary’s band and everyone is invited to the party. Even if they do end up devouring your brains by the end of the show.


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