Cowboy Celtic

(AB)  Celtic, Country

The music of David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic has been called a "beautiful evocation of just how much Celtic music inspired the melodies played around the campfires in the wild, Wild West." Over the last ten years, David Wilkie has devoted much of his time to one of his favourite passions "the seeking out of Celtic origins of traditional cowboy music. The result has been the release of three highly successful Cowboy Celtic CDs, The Drover Road (2001), Cowboy Ceilidh (1997) and Cowboy Celtic (1995).

David Wilkie and Cowboy Celtic are becoming well-known for the connections they are making between western (traditional cowboy) music and the music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. The "Celtic and cowboy" musical marriage on their recordings has struck a chord with music lovers on both sides of the ocean. As one reviewer put it, "This is more than music. It's theatre and imagery and history and storytelling and more, all wrapped up in sagebrush and tartan."

David Wilke, Joe Hertz, Keri Lynn Zwicker, Denise Withnell

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