Holy F*ck

(Toronto, ON) 

Toronto based electro-industrial noise rock outfit Holy F*ck is one of a rare few bands with a name that perfectly captures the experience of seeing them perform. As in:

“Holy f*ck! That’s a lot of synthesizers on stage!”

“Holy f*ck! Electronica with a live rhythm section!”

“Holy f*ck! They play guitar too!”

“Holy f*ck! I can feel it in my kidneys!”

Dance music often sits on syncopated rhythms, encouraging motion through the negative space between downbeats. Holy F*ck makes you dance with rock’n’roll intensity, vibrating your body into rhythm through pure volume and tone. Nothing about Holy F*ck feels remotely produced or computer generated. Every synth tone is organic and analog, some of the sounds are even made with toy phasers or other non-instruments. The foundations of their songs are built up live: looped melodies, distorted guitar, modulated vocals, exploding in massive crescendos, punctuated by momentous musicianship and a circadian rhythm section, leading to moments of furious improvisation. Every instrument, keyboard, and microphone, is fed through layers of effect and affect. No laptops. No backing tracks. Holy F*ck are going to build a wall of sound, and they are going to make Calgary Folk Fest pay for it.


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