Jason Collett

(Toronto, ON) 

If Jason Collett’s songs are loved by people from suburb to shining suburb, it’s no wonder. Collett grew up in the planned community of Bramalea, bored, bogged down in mini-malls and the mundane, until a bohemian bent dislodged the fly from the flypaper. Song writing became his escape from ennui and a rocket-ship to another existence. It propelled him to various hip neighbourhoods in downtown TO in the 1990s, where Collett honed his skills as a carpenter while whetting his melodies and phrases in the same spirit.

During this time, Collett began playing both solo and in loose collectives, starting his long run in Broken Social Scene. These musical villages gave him so many opportunities to try various styles and genres that he became an uncanny, diverse jukebox, experimenting with rhythm and harmony through poppy choruses, rocky riffs, and forays into funk and folk. While Collett can somehow sing a lyric with his tongue planted firmly in cheek, he also takes a firm political stand, from playing fundraisers to skewering politicians with lyrics. He sews lines about corporate greed into breezy, melodic ditties, and makes listeners question the lifestyle they are buying with their cash and votes. Collett unwraps a Canadian dream that is not escaping to the suburbs, but escaping from them; not desiring wealth, but calling it out.


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