Langhorne Slim

(Nashville, TN)

The music of Langhorne Slim captures the elements necessary for the quintessential summer road trip soundtrack: all sunny days, open road, endless possibilities — and the potential heartbreak at the end. Langhorne Slim (vocals, guitar harmonica, piano, banjo and possibly a bit of stage dancing) was born Sean Scolnick in Langhorne, PA. The artist first caught the attention of audiences in 2004 with his song "Electric Love Letter," which was featured in the movie Waitress. The stripped-down potency of Slim's style has won over numerous critics, fellow musicians and music aficionados alike. His gritty, reedy voice is at turns triumphant and vulnerable, with an unpretentious sound that throws back to late '70s/early '80s Americana. Slim's lyrics walk the thread line of upbeat and cynical, evoking hard-won optimism, or at least hopeful pragmatism. His first album, The Way We Move, was critically lauded and described by Rolling Stone as "damn near perfect.” Slim’s most recent album, The Spirit Moves, is likewise drawing acclaim for its artistry and depth.


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