McCrary Sisters

(Nashville, TN)

Given that the musical world is peppered with singing families, there needs to be that special bit of stardust in what they do to make them stand out. The McCrary Sisters may as well have bathed in the stuff, with some of the biggest, gutsiest voices in gospel music today. It’s no surprise that the sisters pull off close harmonies with such virtuosic style; their father was the late Rev. Samuel McCrary, who was a member of the celebrated Nashville group The Fairfield Four. The Reverend passed on not only his musical talent to his daughters, but a drive to write, arrange and perform with passion, precision and integrity.

Ann, Regina, Deborah and Alfreda are consummate professionals, having honed skills with Bob Dylan, Buddy Miller and Isaac Hayes, yet they maintain the earthy realness of siblings who still rehearse vocal arrangements around the dinner table. Their brand of gospel is funky, bluesy and rousing, giving a nod to both the psalms and hymns of their youth, and a nudge into a more contemporary sound, one which has their young grandchildren singing along to the CD of their 2015 release, Let’s Go. The weight of southern gospel tradition only seems to make them stronger.


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