Mohsin Zaman

(Edmonton, AB)

Mohsin Zaman is the personification of a hug. This Dubai-raised, Edmonton-dwelling singer songwriter radiates an unparalleled warmth and energy; large and friendly, he has a stage persona you can expect your grandmother to fall in love with. With his big smile and ten gallons of hair, you would expect a singer like Zaman to have a few Michael Franti-esque pop anthems in his pocket, but his music wears a darker cloak. His misty folk songs recount a generous and empathetic perspective, intercut with moments of vociferous self-critique.

Zaman’s experience of Western music comes from his relatively short time as a Canadian, meaning that he consumes and produces it with fresh eyes. Zaman melds disparate elements into his own craft, unpretentiously embracing new and classic with an enthusiasm that borders on naiveté, constantly adding covers to his repertoire. His guitar playing is washed with a deep reverb, and his brash and beautiful vocals cut through with emotional assertiveness. Zaman is less interested in genre than in pure feeling, bringing in additional instrumentation only to reinforce the emotional weight of his lyricism. His love for performance pushes him further and further, driven by an insatiable desire to connect.


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