(Leverett, MA)

Parsonsfield mixes down-south, bluegrass-infused rhythms with a bit of old-time Celtic-folk earnestness, and then adds a couple of shots of boisterous punk rock attitude to the whole concoction.

The band consists of Chris Freeman (lead vocals, banjo), Max Shakun (guitar), Harrison "Whale" Goodale (bass), Antonio Alcorn (mandolin) and Erik Hischmann (drums). Freeman and Alcorn met at University of Connecticut in 2010 as students who jammed together, playing traditional music with the university's folk club. They eventually recruited Goodale and Shakun and released their first album, Poor Old Shine, which was also the band's original name. Hischmann was brought into the group and, following the release of their second album in 2014, the band changed their name to Parsonsfield in honour of a small, rural town in Maine where they recorded their debut album. 

Above all, Parsonsfield know how to raise a joyful, raucous noise unto the heavens. These guys serve up some damn fine musicianship, deft lyrics that are sentimental or sweet, sad or funny (and sometimes all at once), delicious five-part harmonies, and a next-level frenetic energy onstage that will make Parsonsfield five of the most entertaining performers you'll see.


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