River Whyless

(Asheville, NC) 

River Whyless are American avant-gardists and accomplished writers with the rare ability to listen as much as they musically speak. Every one of their songs is a conversation, with members often exchanging instruments to better recount their stories. Each movement the band makes is patient and poised, poetic and purposeful, a moving musical mosaic, creating a cohesiveness that borders on tribal. Haunting harmonies hover in and out of their handsome hymns; intricate and deliberate lyrics build and destabilize pictures of place and notions of self.

Pushing boundaries further, increasingly, River Whyless’ tracks are centred around non-traditional rhythms played out on common objects. It’s not out of the ordinary to see the band produce pounds and clicks by striking sticks on a banjo, or fingers on a typewriter. Over the years their music has become more intricate as they’ve played with experimental pop structures and increased their volume via the addition of electric guitar, which still holding onto their acoustic roots. River Whyless’ evolution has been something to watch, and fans are watching closely to see just where that conversation will go next.


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