In the early 1990s, Richard Blair was a young British record producer working for Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios. A 1993 detour to produce an album for Colombia's legend Totó La Momposina became an ongoing twenty-five year love affair with the country and its music — and in the process, Blair revolutionized Colombia’s musical landscape.

A vision of melding Colombia’s folk music and instrumentation with London club sounds in spawned Sidestepper, Blair’s pioneering collaboration with songwriter Iván Benavides and a rotating cast of stunning talents, many of whom have gone on to form their own bands and make their mark on Colombia’s musical landscape. Sidestepper are cited as an influence by many young Colombian artists.

In the course of their career, Sidestepper’s sound has evolved from its electronic dancefloor origins to something more organic. Their current incarnation still incorporates electronic instruments, but acoustic instruments (hand drums, seeds and shakers, kalimbas, flutes and guitar) dominate. It has grown from 3 a.m. club music into something more suited for anytime, anywhere, everybody music.


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