Terra Lightfoot

(Hamilton, ON) 

A gutsy roots-rocker with a big molasses-drenched spill of a voice, Terra Lightfoot doesn’t ask for your musical attention; she bloody well rides over and takes it. It was not always thus, although music has been her constant companion since childhood. She sat beside her grandmother as she played organ in church; her mother gifted her with her first electric guitar at the age of 12; and she was tutored by her aunt who played in a ‘70s rock band. Lightfoot made a tentative foray into solo performance in 2011 with a debut album. It didn’t make much of a splash, largely because she was still playing it quiet and polite. Not yet comfortable with fully loosing her octave-spanning, note-bending powerhouse of a voice, showing off her bluesy guitar chops, it took some time as a member of the alt-country Dinner Belles to settle into her musical power. With her sophomore album, Every Time My Mind Runs Wild, she slips the leash of "quiet and polite" entirely. Wielding her red Gibson SG with consummate swagger, and a voice that is more than a match for it, the power of Lightfoot’s voice and poetry is transporting.


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