The Dustbowl Revival

(Los Angeles, CA)

At first blush, a band with their moniker suggests a throwback to old-timey Vaudeville-era ditties. Best think again. While this California band is steeped in the musical traditions of the Dirty Thirties, it has evolved into something much more. A love of bluegrass, gospel, New Orleans swing and blues brought this gang of eight together in 2007. They're masters at melding diverse genres and time periods into a danceable stew that can travel from the moors to the bayou to the Blue Ridge in the space of three minutes during dervish-like performances. They were Huffington Post clickbait in 2015 when their video for "Never Had to Go" featuring Dick Van Dyke and his wife went viral. The Van Dykes were so taken with the band’s music after seeing them open for the Preservation Jazz Hall Band that they invited them into their home to record the video.
Their mash-up of horn band plus string band turned them into group of brassy, vintage soul-meets-country-blues swingsters who have become known for their free-flowing and joyous live shows, fronted by lead vocals cloaked in bayou brassiness, bluesy sass, chatterbox nightclub swagger, and jazz-chanteuse sweetness. Their latest recording has introduced newer, edgier original material that's more emotional and experimental. Whatever the mood, expect a good 'ole revivalist party.

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