The Iguanas

(New Orleans, LA)

The Iguanas are not to be confused with the ͚60s garage outfit featuring legendary Stooge Iggy Pop (although they well might have listened to them). This isa self-described Latin-infused Chicano rock band with a sound that is inextricably linked to the polyglot, multicultural heritage of New Orleans—a mix of funk, soul, jazz, Latin, R&B and zydeco—and a big, brassy soul. Of course, there͛s also a heaping helping of Tex-Mex, country, and conjunto, just in case you thought you had them pegged. Over their nearly 20 year tenure, The Iguanas have committed hard enough to both the Latin and roots-rock styles that calling them a fusion band would be dismissive. The band functions so well as a roots-rock band that their country-est songs wouldn't be out of place in a Son Volt set. In the other direction, however, their Spanish songs are as authentic of anything south of the border. These ripping reptiles are no strangers to classic genres like doo wop and surf, fed through a layer of Latin conjunto. What really ties The Iguanas musical identity together is their sense of place and vivacity, and perhaps the most consistent element of their sound is the tight, irresistibly hip-switching groove they bring to their live shows.

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