The Sumner Brothers

(Vancouver, BC)

Their music has been described as a bewildering variety of genres—alt-country, folk, rock, grunge, garage. Although alt-country is probably the best home territory descriptor, siblings Bob and Brian make music that is impossible to predict, aggressively pushing musical boundaries in all directions, leading it to be called “a beautiful twisted symphony.” They have fronted the Sumner Brothers since 2006 to widespread critical acclaim, one journalist lauding it as “the finest alt-country north of the 49th parallel.” Whether tearing the roof off with buzz saw guitars, or lulling you into an uncomfortable quiet with unsettling and haunting imagery, these are mournful songs sung with voices roughened by whiskey and smoke. They sing about getting drunk and “missing you like hell," a giant baby killing his mother at birth and growing up to be hated by his dad, or regretfully leaving your wife and kids behind to head out west because a “man’s gotta do what a man’s got to do.”  The Sumner Brothers’ spellbinding music would be equally at home on the back porch on a Sunday afternoon or in a sketchy dive bar on the wrong side of the tracks.


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