Thee Holy Brothers

(Los Angeles, CA)

Their first meeting reads like something out of a movie: cool kid skipping school to hang out at the hip record shop catches the attention of the cool clerk behind the desk, and off they go into a future of music, shared admiration and friendship. But instead of the High Fidelity-esque fiction, picture Willie Aron and Marvin Etzioni in the real-life leading roles. Their intertwined future is no fiction either; soon after those early meetings, Etzioni produced Aron’s first demos, and both found some fame in the ‘80s alternative roots scene, Etzioni with legendary cowpunk band Lone Justice and Aron with LA indie group The Balancing Act. They’ve collaborated on and off over the years, but it was a jokey comment from their rabbi about them being holy brothers that was the catalyst for them to form a real band. Drawing inspiration from Jesus and Elvis in equal measure, soaked in humour, spirituality and musical complexity, Thee Holy Brothers’ path leads them through funk, rock, and roots to a higher plane. Guitar, mandolin, horns, autoharp, pedal steel, shaker percussion and piano, all form a base to showcase Etzioni and Aron’s harmony vocals, as close-knit only brothers can be.


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