Helena Deland

(Montreal, QC) 

She may have only released one EP so far, but it’s hard to dispute the appeal of a young artist whose songs are so compelling that one, “Baby” has received over 110,000 Spotify plays. It exemplifies the uneasy line Deland walks lyrically between sad and spooky — “Take off your wig/Let me stare/I’ll keep un-cross-dressing you no matter where.”
Deland’s subtle, understated creations are strongly emotive with a retro feel. Catchy though unpredictable, avoiding landing quite where you would expect, her sincere pop is feminine and dreamily immersive.  Songs glide smoothly from vaporous psychedelia to breezy, ’60s-styled pop Parisien to gnarly, dark-hearted twang to whispery folk in less than 20 minutes, indulging in the odd left-field jam or sending the occasional electronic shiver through the production, rendering whole package more enchanting.
Helena Deland has been subtly collecting songs for a while. Her ever-growing interest in words and literature and her constant journal keeping has increased the coherence and maturity of her songwriting. Recent collaborations and friendships have given her the tools and will to share her music.


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