Mushfiq Ensemble

(ON/Afghanistan)  Folk, World

Said Mushfiq Hashimi, lead vocalist and harmonium player, is a disciple of Pt. Ajoy Chakraborthy, the torchbearer of the Patiala Gharana. S. Mushfiq received his Masters degree from the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music in Holland. Mushfiq is also the founder of the Mushfiq Arts Company in Ottawa, which is an arts centre that specializes in teaching Eastern vocal, tabla, harmonium, sitar and keyboard instruction in classical, light classical, Indian and Afghani folk music. Visual arts in painting and calligraphy are also taught.


Said Moheb Hashimy, tabla player, is a disciple of Ustad Arif Chishti and Ejaz Hussein. S. Moheb is a renowned professional tabla player in the Punjab Gharana style of percussion and a music composer.  He has been teaching for 15 years in 4 different countries around the world.


Cindy Babyn, violinist, pursued studies in classical music performance at the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music in Holland and then returned to Canada to complete her Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance (Honours) at the University of Toronto.


Sujata Verma, vocalist, is from India and is the disciple of Said Mushfiq Hashimi.


- From their presskit

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