Oh Susanna

Previously Performed in: 2015, 2007, 2000, 1997
(Toronto, ON)  Country, Folk, Singer-Songwriter

From her debut album in 1999, when she quietly bedazzled listeners with an unadorned journey through taverns, marriage beds, cherry orchards and back dirt roads without once sounding scattered or incongruous, songwriter Suzie Ungerleider has a history of using melodies as fly paper against which her rich yet austere lyrics stick.
And if conjuring joyous teenagers, abused women, and spirits torn between divisive pasts, then coaxing them into the communal living room song weren’t impressive enough, Ungerleider’s voice is. With pipes clearer than an essay on its fourth edit she expresses emotions which most of us feel but few could name.
Interestingly, at the apex of her songwriting journey Ungerleider and her colleague Jim Bryson invited artists like Jim Cuddy, Ron Sexsmith, Amelia Curran and Joel Plaskett to write songs specifically suited to her voice, and recorded a cover album of these. After years of being a lone woman onstage with her lyrics, lungs and lullabies, Oh Susanna gave voice and presence to the inspired musical community through which she has traveled for two decades. Now, her sets include a mix of songs she wrote for her first five albums and these ones tailor-made for her voice and style, with delightful results.

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