Old Man Luedecke

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2007
(Chester, NS)  Bluegrass, Singer-Songwriter

In the idealized East Coast of my imagination, there's a campfire that never needs stoking, a coastline with the sun permanently at the horizon and a patio party that has always been and will always be. And on that perpetually twilit patio you can always find Old Man Luedecke, cabbie cap on his head, banjo in his hands, singing about love and sunflowers and quitting your job. The home-brew would flow like water, and the crowd, half-drunk and half-tired, would sing along to every word.

There's something about Chris Luedecke's music that invites those fantasies. His voice is both conversational and melodic, his banter like catching up with an old friend, and while he's earned his share of accolades—two Juno awards and one more nomination on top of that—his greatest achievement is the ability to turn any room into a back porch. Call it roots or bluegrass or folk, Old Man Luedecke makes music that sounds like home.


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