(USA)  Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Gospel, Roots

A multitalented, democratic collective whose participants share vocal and songwriting duties, Ollabelle gains strength from its members' shared sense of mission, as well as their diverse musical and personal backgrounds.  Although the group initially began as a casual sideline to the musicians' individual projects, it quickly evolved into a fulltime creative entity with an unmistakable life of its own.

Where Ollabelle's gospel-steeped debut album emphasized distinctive adaptations of traditional material, Riverside Battle Songs—produced by veteran producer/multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell, best known for his lengthy stint in Bob Dylan's band, and mixed by longtime admirer T Bone Burnett—showcases the group's own compositions.  Such memorable originals as "Heaven's Pearls," "Fall Back," "Dream the Fall," "Blue Northern Lights" and "Reach for Love" offer subtly riveting examples of the bandmates' vocal and instrumental interplay, mining an evocative palette of acoustic and electric textures to create singularly expressive music.

-From their website

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