The Polyjesters

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2007
(Carstairs, AB)  Folk, Jazz, Roots

Supposedly it takes 26 facial muscles to smile, so start practicing now because by the time Polyjesters leave the stage a grin will be permanently etched onto your face. It might happen when they bust into a tune about their favourite Simpsons characters, or when they work a violin solo into a cover of the Spiderman theme song. Purveyors of what they call “swingin’ folk chunk,” The Polyjesters have been around since 1999, when Jason and Sheldon Valleau started busking on the streets of France. After a prolonged stint touring the world, the brothers Valleau have settled down to slinging joe at their Carstairs coffee shop (called The Café Radio) and organizing the Mountain View Music Fest.

Despite settling down, The Polyjesters haven’t lost an iota of their adventurous sense of fun, delivering everything you could want from a swing/jazz band, and a whole bunch of things you didn’t even know that you wanted. Baritone ukuleles, sweeping jazz-guitar solos, and drum beats played on the side of stand-up basses are not unheard of occurrences at one of their shows. If you are a sad-sack and would like to stay that way, this Alberta band of brothers might be one to avoid, because there is no way you can rain on this parade.


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