Hawksley Workman

Previously Performed in: 2015, 2007, 2005
(Toronto, ON) 

Growing up in rural Huntsville, Ontario gave the younger version of Hawksley Workman plenty of time to grow an imagination and dream bigger and more eccentrically than city kids distracted by the bells and whistles of urban living. From recording his first albums in the basement of his friend's recently deceased grandmother's house over 15 years ago to “re-imagining” his dark 2001 Christmas album a decade after its post-9/11 debut, Workman has defied traditional ways of creating music. He consistently demonstrates the gigantic scope of his imagination, creating music that effortlessly oscillates between torchy romanticism, tender honesty and brash, cheeky rock‘n’roll bravado.

Workman has always had a strong cabaret streak that he took to the next level with his recent travelling one-man show The God That Comes. As much as theatrical flair and showmanship is essential both to Workman's muse and his appeal, he’s also a versatile musician. He is as skilled as a drummer as he is as a lead man (as he exhibits behind the kit with Canadian indie supergroup The Mounties), and his resumé boasts considerable production work for other formidable artists (such as Tegan & Sara, The Skydiggers, Serena Ryder and Great Big Sea). Workman’s latest album, Old Cheetah, is his first non-soundtrack album of new songs in five years, offering another irreverent, unpredictable chapter in the story of one of Canada’s most fearlessly whimsical musical minds.



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