Great Lake Swimmers

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2008, 2006
(Toronto, ON)  Alt-Country, Alternative, Folk, Indie, Roots, Singer-Songwriter

Tony Dekker has spent the last decade entrancing listeners with his unforgettable voice and compelling songwriting, which form the core of Great Lake Swimmers, one of Canada's long-time word-of- mouth favourites on the folk music scene. The band is known for maintaining an acute respect for folk traditions while transforming them for new listeners everywhere, most recently with their new album New Wild Everywhere. Aurally rich and layering their pellucid classic folk roots with hints of everything from torch and twang to rhythm and blues, their latest effort delivers the Swimmers' signature gorgeous sound, linking transcendence in the natural world to the universal themes of love, mortality and escape.

It's also worth remembering that Great Lake Swimmers have a reputation for recording in the field, in everything from remote cabins to abandoned subway platforms (as with “The Great Exhale” track on New Wild Everywhere). Why is this interesting? Well, if a band can deliver a crystal-clear, studio-worthy recording in the cavernous echo chamber of a derelict subway tunnel—and Great Lake Swimmers have done it—imagine what they can deliver live, on a stage. Or, don't imagine; just go see.


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