Basia Bulat

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2014, 2008
(Toronto, ON)

When Basia Bulat released her first full-length album as a young autoharp-wielding singer-songwriter in 2007, her delicate folky vibe was charming and fresh. In the last 10 years Bulat has grown into a bolder, stronger artist who is willing to jump off emotional and artistic cliffs for the sake of pushing her music forward. The irresistibly catchy melodies, wide-eyed vulnerability, and purity are all still there, but with her newest album, Good Advice, Bulat continues on the trajectory that made her 2013 Juno- and Polaris-nominated album Tall Tall Shadow so widely celebrated.

Good Advice takes Bulat out of her comfort zone — she recorded it outside of the country (in Louisville, Kentucky) with a producer whose music sounds almost nothing like hers (Jim James of the much beloved My Morning Jacket) and layered her emotionally bare songs with some far-out vintage organ sounds. It’s a departure, but only of sorts —Bulat’s clear vibrato voice, open-heart and clear love for classic pop songwriting remain at the core of her work. Her almost-epic, highly energetic and joyous live performances are characterized by several costume and instrument changes. With little bit of darkness and a whole lot of light, multi-instrumentalist Bulat has proven that she’s willing to go where she needs to take her music to new and even deeper places and, best of all, she is willing to take her audience with her.


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