Andrew Bird & The Hands of Glory

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2008
(USA)  Alternative, Indie, Jazz, World

Andrew Bird has always had a fondness for antiquity. Even as he embraced electronics to turn his violin into an indie-pop symphony, his predilection for outdated expressions and outmoded musicality has consistently crept into his catalogue. It's been noticeable in lyrical nods to long-dead empires and discredited medical practices, and through a croon that's always been indebted to roots tradition, but with Hands of Glory—the name of Bird's most recent album as well as his current touring band—that affection for rural Americana has come to the fore.

Stripped of his signature loops and reliant on in-the-moment musicianship, his skill as a singer, violinist and world-class whistler are all the more apparent. Bird and his Hands have crafted an old- timey tincture of roots, gospel and bluegrass, a reverent re-imagining of Bird's catalogue that finds the common ground between his contemporary craft and traditional tunefulness. Seeped in sepia, but still very much of the moment, it's a sound that suits Bird well.


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