Handsome Family

Previously Performed in: 2008, 2001
(USA)  Alt-Country, Alternative, Country, Indie, Roots

Brett and Rennie Sparks's seventh CD, Last Days of Wonder, is a collection of love songs sung in airports, garbage dumps, drive-thru windows and shark-infested waters. It celebrates the little miraculous moments of beauty found in everyday life: a golf course shining in the rain, hanging lights bouncing in the breeze, pigeons singing from billboards, trees blooming in squares of dirt. The songs linger on those moments when we're pulled from the ordinary to feel awed by mystery, bewildered by beauty, terrified by the vast unknowable world around us.

Brett Sparks draws from medieval melody, country-politan string arrangements, tin-pan alley crooners, and dusty hillbilly records to compose the music. Lyricist Rennie Sparks makes magical realism from polar adventure stories, pagan hunting songs and day-to-day life. Alongside the usual guitar, bass and drums you will hear mellotrons, ukulele, banjo, bowed wine glasses, and trombone.

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