Kobo Town

Previously Performed in: 2017, 2008
(ON/Trinidad)  Calypso, World

Performing February 11 at Festival Hall, 8 - 11:30 pm - get tickets now!
Performing February 12 at The Ironwood, 12 - 5 pm - get tickets now!
"Mr. Monday has something to say / Would never get the time of day Mr. Monday has a story to tell / So he talking to himself"

Trinidadian/Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves formed Kobo Town in 2004 with fellow expats in Toronto and musicians from his first band, named after the storied Port-of-Spain neighborhood in Trinidad and Tobago where calypso was born. His own take on that style is inspired and derived from the music of his homeland but is also a conscious departure to revive West Indies’ folkloric music by taking it in new creative directions. Kobo Town’s music is a contemporary expression combining joyful Afro-Caribbean beats and melodies with astute, socially conscious lyrics. The result is intelligent, relevant and undeniably fun, with elements of funk, ska, disco, rock-reggae and jazz adorning Kobo Town’s music with a matchless sparkle. Kobo Town’s new Where the Galleons Sank album release coincides with their appearance at Block Heater. CV/KC

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