Iris DeMent

(USA)  Singer-Songwriter


DeMent's songs are direct, honest and deeply personal commentaries on the issues facing ordinary working people. Love, family life, death of loved ones, forgiveness and the warmth of human companionship are her constant themes.

The emotional richness of DeMent's singing, the simple lyricism of her poetry, underpinned by deep musical traditions transform these everyday themes into profoundly moving comments on society and the human condition in general.

In 1992 she released her first album, Infamous Angel. Two other albums, My Life (1994) and The Way I Should (1996) have followed.

A small measure of the respect DeMent commands is indicated by the musicians from a broad range of musical streams who assisted in the production of The Way I Should. This included talented country harmonica player and vocalist Delbert McClinton, blues guitarist Lonnie Mack, bluegrass great Earl Scruggs, rock guitarist Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits, and others.

"Lifeline," her first album in eight years, finds her revisiting the church music of her youth in rural Arkansas and California.


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