Previously Performed in: 2015, 2011, 2008
(Montreal, QC)  Funk, Hip Hop, World

Iconoclast: a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions
Homage: something that is done to honour someone or something
It is a fine and delicate balance, the business of melding iconoclasm and homage. Josh Dolgin—better known by his stage moniker Socalled—doesn’t just walk the line, he trips the light fantastic all over that highwire. Dolgin is an innovative multi-media artist (pianist, producer, composer, journalist, photographer, filmmaker, magician, cartoonist and puppet maker). For our purposes, he’s also the sardonic hip-hop maestro who mashes up funk, klezmer, drum and bass and folk music with 1930s Yiddish music to create a hypnotic, witty and seriously bumpin’ stage show.
Whether he’s spearheading Hip Hop Hanukkah, starring in an NFB documentary (The “Socalled” Movie), or hosting a klezmer cruise down the river Dnieper in the Ukraine, Dolgin seems to have perfected the balance of a restless soul ever pushing outward with a still, certain connection to his heritage.

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