Alejandro Escovedo

Previously Performed in: 2009, 1998
(Austin, Texas)

Everybody says they love me but I don’t know why… 

Alejandro Escovedo, I know why: you’re a mesmerizing jackhammer, shattering hard rock into refined, elegant dust. Underneath the angst, awe. Underneath the rage, forgiveness. Whether you’re backed up by a killer rock band or only a cello, the devastating impact is the same. In your music we can hear the influences of San Antonio’s Latin American roots, San Francisco’s punk, New York’s gravel and Austin’s eclecticism. You trust that, “You just do your good work, and people care.” You honour your listeners with songs that speak to their intelligence, sophistication and conscience. Plus, you just plain rock. We came here as two, we laid down as one. I don't care if I'm not your only one. What I see in you, you see in me. But if I do you wrong smoke my smoke, drink my wine. Bury my snakeskin boots somewhere I'll never find. Still be your lover baby.


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