Karan Casey Band

(Ireland)  Celtic, Singer-Songwriter

Waterford-born singer Karan Casey is to release her new album, "Chasing the Sun" in April.  Largely recorded at her home in Co. Cork, "Chasing the Sun" uncovers Karan's fine talent for songwriting and her sensitive approach to age-old themes such as love and oppression.

Although self-written songs make up about half the album, alongside a trio of great songs by Barry Kerr (a young musician from Co. Armagh) and one by Robbie O'Connell, Karan hasn't abandoned her first love of traditional singing. Her unique interpretations make you listen with new ears to the older songs. She can make you believe in any story she tells you: "Like the greatest torch singers, such as Billie Holiday, she makes us believe she is sharing confidences, singing just to us." (Boston Globe)

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