JP Cormier

(NS)  Roots, Singer-Songwriter



Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sideman, innovator, recording artist, award winner. His names are many, but underlying that is a young man with an old soul who has traveled the world for the past 23 years bringing a unique brand of joy to audiences wherever he goes.

 J.P. Cormier began playing guitar, self taught, at the age of 5 and quickly became immersed in the rich musical heritage of his Cape Breton roots. His ability to play the guitar self-taught, and almost any music he heard by ear astounded everyone who heard him. By the age of 9, he was considered a genuine prodigy and won his first guitar competition against 30 other players three times his age. Between the ages of 11 and 16, J.P. began displaying another unique talent - it seemed he could play almost any stringed instrument he picked up! However it was his guitar playing which shone with his flawless executions of tunes he learned from records of giants like Chet Atkins and Doc Watson.

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