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Dòchas have taken the traditional music scene by storm in 2003. The five girls, from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland exude professionalism and rare talent throughout their performances of traditional music and song. They play fiddle, accordion, pipes, whistles, clàrsach, piano and guitar and are masterful on these instruments. This is complemented by powerful and poignant Gaelic Singing.

" fell to the outstanding young Highland/island line-up Dòchas to close the festival. With an armoury of fiddle, twin bagpipes, accordion, clàrsach, piano and guitar, they can play big rumbustious barnstorming tunes with the best of them - and then turn round and slay you with the exquisite poignancy and lyricism of Julie Fowlis's Gaelic singing: a suitably sparkling finish to a memorable weekend."
 - Sue Wilson, The Scotsman, Sept 2003

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