Mary Gauthier

Previously Performed in: 2014, 2005, 2002
(Nashville, TN)  Country, Singer-Songwriter

Adopted child, teen runaway, addict, convict—instead of wearing her many pasts on her sleeve, Mary Gauthier wears them sewn into her songs like trophies from battles mainly lost. Now deep into her second decade of spinning dark poetry into lyrics that are three parts autobiography, two parts short story, and five parts brutal candour, Gauthier has rightfully taken her place alongside America’s premier songwriters.

While the sentiments may be stark, they are beautifully disrobed, and the musical phrasing provides gentle relief. Listening to Gauthier perform is like finding hidden gems in a vintage clothing store. Amongst the guitars, mirrored by fiddle, hanging up alongside the keyboards are remnants of distant lives often better left behind; often, but not always. The final payoff is the chance to look uncomfortable truths in the eye, and learn to live through it.


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